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Originally Posted by brents347 View Post
Well, I have my two fancy KTM experience tickets for Hangtown this weekend... and I will be sitting at home.

I broke my leg about a week and a half ago, and after surgery things are going well, but I am non-weight bearing and getting around a hilly MX track on either my scooter or walker for 8 hours is just too much for me. I have this vision of my leg blown up like a balloon...

So, I'll be sitting at home while my wife, who HATES motorcycles, watches all the heroes of my world go in circles. She is going because it is my boys 7th birthday and I bought the KTM fan experience tickets for him. If she leaves before the end of the 2nd motos I am going to kill myself.
Sorry about the leg, REALLY sorry about missing the race with your biy

However, you may as well just go ahead and shoot yourself now, no way your wife is staying completely through the 2nd moto with a 7 year old boy!

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