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Originally Posted by kirkster70 View Post
This is the gasket I will now be using on KP3 bags. It is also made by Trim-lok, just like the gasket on the KP2s. It is also a high-quality EPDM rubber.

I had a customer with some water infiltration issues, so a redesign was in order. Post one, paragraph one I speak about being big on customer service. That's not just idle talk to me. If anyone has any issues, please let me know and I will work with you to get it sorted to your satisfaction.

I will still use the other gasket when the lid overhangs the lower (KP2). When the lid is flush with the lower (KP3), a reverse flange will be bent in the lower, and this gasket will be used. There is nothing wrong with the other gasket - I was just using it improperly for a flush KP3 lid.


Three recent customers stand out with a KP2 gasket on a flush KP3 lid ; Mike, Brent and Antonio. I'm doing a preemptive recall if you will. You have your choice of a 50% refund, or a new build. I will need the current bags / topbox back if you decide on a rebuild. If I have missed anyone, please pm me.
Wow, good for you Kirk, it is always great to have a product from a manufacturer who is customer oriented. Excellent!
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