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Originally Posted by Greg Bender View Post
Yes, that is my DR350.

The Ken Sean dual sport mirrors are the best I ever found - until my friend (Mike Sonzini) showed me the Doubletake mirrors he was using on his bikes. I think the Doubletake is superior because it stays in place better and is *much* easier to adjust. Last year I replaced the mirror in the photo with the Doubletake mirror, and I really like it. I'm going to fit another one to my right side soon.

The Doubletake mirror and requisite mounts are certainly more expensive than the Ken Sean mirror, no doubt about that.

Here is a link to the Doubletake website:

Or, if you want to buy them from my friend for the same price, just send him a PM via ADVRider (username: quota).

You can also purchase the correct ball mount and 3" arm through some place like GPS City:

I hope this helps!


Gregory Bender
Big +1 on the Doubletake mirror! I went through two other types before popping for these. I can now actually see behind me (I couldn't get Ken Sean's out far enough to get a clear view).

I tested these on my first trail ride when I forgot to fold them in. I wapped a tree limb and they just moved out of the way. I was able to fold them out of the way and then back up when I got back on the road. They're pricey but well worth it IMHO. I too plan on getting another one for the right side.
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