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Originally Posted by walkingbear View Post
The rear boot between the driveshaft and transmission.

Notice over the last few days a few drops of oil. Oil is from the shaft?
Boot is crack and old. Is there an easy way beside taking the boot on and installing a new one?
Just did this job, and no, there's no easy way! It's not bad though....remove rear wheel, remove shocks, block swingarm in position, cut off old boot, remove trans output flange bolts (gearbox put in gear held the driveshaft still), remove swingarm pivot bolts and remove the swingarm to the rear and out. Then you'll be able to clean the road grunge and old grease out of the bearings and frame around the pivot points. Test the bearings by spinning them around in place, but don't remove them unless they're bad because they can't be removed and then re-used. This would be a good time to remove the airbox and unbolt the tranny and remove it to lube the splines if you don't know when it was last done. This is a also a good time to check/replace the neutral switch under the tranny too.
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