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I really see no difference at all this year from any other year with regard to equipment and rules. The "F" in F1 stands for Formula and by design, the formula changes periodically. While the tire specifically isn't set in the Formula it obviously plays a role. Its just another kink to work around. F1 isn't NASCAR. The fastest car doesn't always win. If it did, Force India would have a dozen wins to its credit already. The game planning IS a part of the race and the tires are a new unpredictable part of it. While this year hasn't been my favorite, I have still very much enjoyed the show and other than MotoGP, F1 continues to be the only racing I look forward to every race.

Make no mistake, Red Bull will figure it out eventually. Until then, Ferrari is going to burn the hides as quickly as they can, try to gap the field, and repeat often. While that won't work at Monte Carlo, I bet it will be pretty successful at a majority of the Euro tracks. I'm not a Ferrari fan, but I love the 'catch me if you can' mentality.
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