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My 13/47 gearing with FMF, airbox opened, etc. and running the larger MT43 tire feels just about right for me as a true dual sport bike. It fades just a bit on long uphills on the road (but I can gear down to fifth and always maintain 70 mph if I want). Off road low gear is already very low and second has plenty of power to wheelie over mud puddles and small obstacles. Any lower gearing, for me, would be a real nuisance on the street as maintaining a decent speed would be pretty buzzy.

My 2
Yeah! My new to me 08 has 13/47 and a new MT43 waiting for the deathwings to either wear out or for me to lose my patience with it. Seems OK for street and light gravel, but I'm starting to fondle the MT43/IRC combo waiting in the shadows...
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