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Alright, in between gigs with a small amount of down time. The non-operational gantry has been bugging me. Let's pop the cover and see what's up.

Thank goodness it's an easy fix. The plungers on both contactors are corroded and hanging up. Some PB Blaster, sandpaper, a fine file and a rag makes it all good in the neighborhood.

I clean all the contacts, scrape off the old gasket on the cover mating surfaces, and button everything up after some blue silicone gasket is applied. The plastic bushing on the upper strain-relief connector was a little sloppy, which allowed some moisture to enter. I spooge some gasket maker in there as well. Good! That should take care of things.

I also flush and refill the gearcase with some tranny fluid. Now I can leave it outside and neglect it some more.

I think there is just enough lift to get it out of the bed of the truck. This 330 cubic foot cylinder clocks in around 175 lbs, so the gantry will be a nice backsaver.

Happy, happy, joy, joy. I actually fixed something.
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