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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post

My DR is for just going somewhere and not worrying about putting miles on it or riding like my inner hooligan says I should,if it scatters I can find another engine, but it probably wont scatter.
And thats why I like my LC4, I can put miles on, act like a hooligan and not worry about it scattering its internals all over the road.

But they are not for everyone, they have there traits that some people can't live with.

I hope it didn't sound like I was knocking the DR, because I'm not.

Looking at that list it says Philth has blown three gearboxes.

He is a hard man on bikes and rides big distances over the most isolated spots in Australia.

But his last DR got retired after some massive runs and he has just taken delivery of another DR.

So if someone who has blown three gearboxes thinks that the DR is still the bike of choice, there must be a bit OK, and the 3rd gear "problem" must not be to concerning.

I know DRjoe also bought another DR after his blowup, and probably a lot of others.

And I have said before, I wouldn't worry about the 3rd gear if I was in the market for a bike like the DR, the internet makes everything sound worse than it is.

In fact it can be so good at making things sound worse than they are, there are some people out there who think the LC4's scatter there gizzards on a regular basis because of things written on the net.

A KDX is way cooler than what ever you ride...
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