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NEW!!! SUPERLITE 21/17 or 19/17 wire Wheels for Liquid Cooled 2013 BMW R12GS/GSA

Woody's Superlite Hubs & Superlaced in stock sizes or with 21" Front

A huge Thanks to Pat, who dropped off his bike this week to allow us to get all measurements and figure it out.

Big Ups to Zach for figuring it out 21'' front and pulling it together with the assistance of Jerod who laced and trued the rear

Woody just came back from the before n after test rides with the biggest grin on his face

Photos below, info and explanations by Woody to follow.

Folks,,this bike is such an iprovement over EVERYTHING BMW hsa ever put out in the GS series,,its is as big a leap over the R1200 GS as that bike was over all Previous GS seies..and i mean ALL

it has so many nifty features,,,and seat in pants improvements in POWER!!! and simply ROCKS in that department

i'll post more on that later...can i gain more versatility especially off road like i did with my previous 21'' Superlite/Superlaced set ups????
with Zach n Jerods assistance we laced up a set of 21/17 wheel set sets..

NOTE: wit 90/90 x21 front and 150/70x17 rear,,the bike made it up n down the centerstand wit plenty of room to swap tires. as you'll see rear yire clearanc is same as original ,,,the front ate up some clearance BUT will easily accept a higher fender with a slight brake line re-location kit...

here's my gang for an ATTABOY/GAL shotthat's Jerod who did the rear,,Jil who coordinated the process and Zach on the front...yours truly will figure out /design the appropriate interface for my Superlit hubs and TCS/ABS system disc and how/where to mount it on my hubs,,gotta get moving ..Monday and the the promised return date are rolling up fast....

NOTE: from the git go this machine will make ya want to trade in any prvious GS you've owned....i could live with it as is AND although PLANTED and SUPPLE a 19'' front still has the feeling of riding over marbles in the dirt....would a 21 with knobbies be a performance addition...
after testing...YES in the dirt and no on the slab....the 19/17 combo with street threads simply works better than ever...the 21/17 begs for a stering tracks straight and true AND feels skittish,,,the TKC80s droned and felt skittish..wheras my R1200GS with same essential combo has a Rallye-raid 3'' rise multi dimensional/adjustabel dampener on it...and THAT has brought on major confidence inspired being on a rail....

thats it folks ,,pass the word....
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