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Originally Posted by OaklandStrom View Post
I don't think anybody is expecting better service for less money. It's bad service for more money that most of us are complaining about.

The Dodge dealer wanted over $35 for an oil filter for my Dodge/Cummins truck because it was "special". WTF is special about an oil filter? It's not like there's one standard in the world, and the Cummins uses something else.
Online, a Wix filter was less than $10. At the Napa across the street it was $15, and in stock. The guy at Napa didn't try and convince me it was "special"; it's just another oil filter.

That's the kind of thing dealer get a bad rep for. High prices, mixed with a BS story to justify his price.

I'll pay extra for good service, like at McMaster Carr or the local auto parts place that hires mechanics, rather than teens who don't know the difference between 4WD and ABS.
I'll pay more for convenience.
I'll pay more when I trust that even if things go wrong, they'll be made right.

I won't pay more just because Suzuki has given the local mouth breather a franchise.
I get the 4-2-1 kits at Geno's Garage.

I had a bad Auto parts deal one time.
I needed a water pump for a Chevy 235 6 cylinder. Ordered it from one of the local parts stores. I was out of town when it came in so I had a friend pick it up.
Got home and the person who picked it up said "That water pump sure was expensive!"
Me: How much was it?
Buddy: $83.
Me: WTF!

I took it right back, walked in and said "I'd like to return this water pump."
Parts guy: What's wrong with it?
Me: Its missing the gold lining.
Parts guy:
Me: Any water pump for a Chevy 6 cylinder that cost's 80+ dollars should have some gold in it somewhere.
Parts guy: There will be a 15% restocking fee because it was a special order.
Me: Special order? Whatever, go right ahead, I'll still save money going to the other parts store.

I had to order it from the other store but there price OTD...$24.

Needless to say I don't buy parts there anymore.
2004 XR650L

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