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My mileage has been pretty bad; 35-45 ish but I know that my jetting has been way off! The good news is, I'm getting close to 30,000 miles (50,000 km) with no mechanical problems and still my same slacker maintenance schedule!

I want to get it dialed in but haven't been able to... here are my issues:

1. Normally I wouldn't mess with it. I'd take it to someone who really, really knew their stuff and have them dial it in for me on a dyno. Here in Malaysia I don't know that there is anyone that can do that. Everyone is an expert at fixing something broken so that it will go BUT no one understands the desire to "fine tune" something that runs pretty ok but we know could be better! (The rear brake was completely out on my KTM once and I brought it into one of the higher end shops to fix it, left the bike and took a loaner and came back that evening. They said it was done, but when I got on it, the rear brake was still completely out so I yelled at them. The mechinic put his arm around me, walked back to the bike with me, squeezed the front brake lever a few times and said, "This is also a brake and it is working fine. That back pedal just controls the rear brake but you can stop just fine with this one. Go ahead and bring it back in when they are both out!")

2. If I was doing it myself I copy other smarter guys numbers from the forum here, but the problem is on this forum I haven't come across anyone with similar weather to what we have here and the same set up I have. (Everyday 89-99F/75-99% humidity; 351, BBBB (Bill Blue Big Bore) BB 33mm carb bored to 34mm, bb/barker full system pipe.

3. No jets in stock in the coutry.
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