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Originally Posted by tmlee View Post
Nah, you can change it yourself. I found this procedure elsewhere on the net and it worked for me. The TE310R does not have an ignition key, so just start the bike at the key-on step. You do need 3 hands though!

1) Set the display so it is showing ODO mode (not clock, revs, laptimer etc)
2) Turn off the ignition at the key so the whole electrics are dead
3) Push and hold the button on the dash unit (the one that changes the mode)
4) Turn on the ignition at the key and watch the display
5) After a few seconds the speed mode it's in will appear, nothing else will show on the display, just the speed units. Release the button when it appears
6) Wait a little and the display will start to flick between kmh and mph
7) Press the button when it's showing what you want
Jumped out the clutch switch , so I only needed two hands, but still could not get this to work.

I'll have to run it back to the dealer and let them mess with it.

I did my first oil change today. what a pita.

My first real ride on some single track will be on Sunday. I'll let you know how it goes.
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