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Originally Posted by MBRedline View Post
I was told by my local dealer that you can not push/bump start these bikes due to the clutch switch.

Has anyone tried to bypass the clutch switch like it has been done on the side stand switch?

I know without the clutch switch that there is the possibility of overloading your starter by starting in gear, but is there any danger in roll starting these bikes other then that?

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I don't see it being any issue, your dealer is full of shit. No need to worry about clutch switch or having a full battery, at least based on my experience. .

I have push started the LRP before, no problem. Same on my Husa before I went to a Shorai battery. On a particularly difficult trail in Death Valley Nancy stalled or dropped the bike enough times to wear out the battery before it could get charged from riding with all the starts. The starter would just click but it did indeed start once I got it going down a hill in 4th gear.
I think either the little fuel pump motor doesn't require many watts and/or while push starting the bike produces enough power to pressurize the FI system enough to start.
The sun had already set, the headlight was very dim but got normal bright as soon as the motor started turning over from the bump start, before it actually started.

Of course YRMV. (:
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