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Originally Posted by rickypanecatyl View Post
Way off topic but I think the KLX makes the KLR obsolute. Along with my 690 I have a KLX250 w/351 BB, stroker, pumper carb, KX250 suspension AND modified subframe that can easily carry 150lbs.

On the freeway top speed is the same as the KLR, vibes are about the same, I can pack MORE weight if I wanted to AND I've got 90,000 KM with no mechanical problems! I can't comment on which is easier to work on but the KLX is pretty easy.

Off road it's 150 lbs less than the KLR650 (45 less than my 690) and of course the suspension beats the 690 (not fair - KX250 suspension customized to me vs stock 690) and absolutely blows away the KLR.
I must have been riding a completely different KLX. The stock suspension is the worst I've ever experienced off road. Its soft, wallows, and instills a complete lack of confidence. The WR450 suspension was a league above and the YZ450 a league above that. Yes, the 690 stock suspenders are a bit harsh, but easily remedied and I'm very happy with how they're performing right now. Maybe its different strokes for different folks.
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