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Originally Posted by Gravel Seeker View Post
Speaking of crazy projects - I'm entering the 2013 Tuareg Rally on mine...
Originally Posted by ferals5 View Post
Thomas... I was looking a few years back and found this post....I don't remember you in the results
Yeah, funny story that.... not funny haha, but funny ouch

It wasn't set in stone, but I did have an oral agreement with a buddy to do the 2013 edition.
We didn't enter. Many reasons.

Mine are:

I crashed pretty heavily after a highsider 3 weeks after that post in 2010. This was whilst attending a gravel/ offroad riding course.
Fucked my left shoulder, 5-6 left ribs front and rear and left pecs. Having inherited some bad genes so unfortunately I don't heal as fast as others so it took about 18-20 months before that was back to normal.

In the mean time I managed to herniate two discs in my lower back in May 2011 after dropping it when parking one day when I got home from work. So now ciatica is really pulling a number on me. Some days are better than others, but it puts a damper on things and I haven't been riding much recreationally the last couple of years, just commuting.

And I've also found that I've become a real pussy and don't have the same confidence I used to have when attacking corners and slippery surfaces. I reckon mainly due to the highsider, but also lack of training and of course old age.
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