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Originally Posted by kiffernathan View Post
That's all fine and good, but for those without a pile of mechanical ability and time that KLX is going to cost as much as a new 690. Probably close to double the price of a KLR. Plus the 690 has a TON more power than any KLX could ever hope to make.

Maybe when Kawasaki makes that bike from factory for a reasonable price (why on earth don't they??) I'll consider it, but for now my 690 is the way to go.
Originally Posted by Hoots View Post
I put 50,000km on a KLR over 18 months, and wouldn't have swapped it for any other bike - gravel roads mostly, and some bitumen as well - never missed a beat - have only ridden a KLX250 for a short spell, but have difficulty seeing the comparison ...
My earlier point was I thought my KLX"351" made the KLR650 obsolete - not the 690. I threw it out there cuz I couldn't think of any category where the KLR keeps ups with the KLX - reliability, ease of maintenance, how much you can carry, freeway manners etc (not to mention blowing it away off road). Kiffernathan brought up something I was missing - the entry price.

Originally Posted by blakrj View Post
I must have been riding a completely different KLX. The stock suspension is the worst I've ever experienced off road.
I'm sure you were. The KLX 250's claim to fame is massive room for improvement! I know of no other bike that can be improved as much, as easily, as cheaply and still be reliable. Stock it makes about 1/3 the HP of the 690; for $1500 USD it nearly doubles that power to almost 2/3 in a package probably 3X as reliable and 10X easier to work on as the 690.
Suspension wise I've got custom KX forks reworked to my weight. I would still say the 11 1/2" of the older KLX was on par with my 690E but not even close to the R's suspension. Back on topic to the 690 I don't think there is any comparison to the R and the E's suspension. In my opinion the R is 300% better off road and the E is 15% better on road.
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