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Originally Posted by Squelch View Post
The guy at transpo explained to me that since I am going unaccompanied, I am not authorized a POV.


I think you got the wrong guy at transportation. Maybe you could elevate this issue? Motorcycles are not shipped as POVs, they are shipped as household goods.

Maybe you could try this angle... don't ship it as a motorcycle, ship it as "motorcycle parts". Might require partial disassembly to convice them though.

I have two friends that PCS'd here in the past 6 months (one from Fort Hood and one from Wisconsin), unaccompanied, and it was no problem to ship thier bikes in HHG (one guy is a E8 with a Harley bagger, the other an 0-4 with a Harley Softail). If you need some details we can go to PM and I can tell you where you can get information from them directly.
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