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Originally Posted by roger 04 rt View Post
This is making more sense to me now. Looking at 2% and 5% throttle, 1250 and 1500 RPM, the base map is +20%. The Trim map (which I'm assuming is not additive in the mode you're running but may be additive in the non-real-time PCV mode) has 25, 19 and 0, -13. What is the adjustment Trim limit programmed to on your PCV software?
I think it is 25%, but would have to look to make sure. Will check, after my morning mountain bike ride.

This suggests the following to me: the 25 has hit a limit, the 19 has adjusted toward your 13.5 AFR for that cell. The 0 tells the Autotune not to adjust, don't know why it is there. -13% suggests that either a) this table is additive to the Base map and that it takes 20% minus 13% to hit your 13.5:1 AFR target (very reasonable) or that b) it takes 13% less fuel than stock to hit your 13.5 target (not a reasonable assumption). If I were you I would want to figure out for sure if the tables are additive.

The more I think of it, I think they are aditive. As the PC-5 is operating with the AT, there is a little infighting, this the need to accept trim values, to smooth out the function of the two together. I think I agree with you ,that they are additive.

When does the Off-Idle Hop that you mention occur? I guess it's after deceleration. I should program my LC-1 to 11.8:1 to see what happens on my bike with that annoying post decel, throttle on. This is a nasty side effect of overrun fuel cutoff.
All F8GS has the idle hop, as you correctly mentiones, the fuel, I suspect too, is cut off on closed throttle decell,and as the throttle is opened back up, it burbles, and the bike jumps. It happens at ALL RPM'S...., and does not matter how fast you open the throttle back up. Is hideous, specially if you are doing trail work. That, I believe , is the sole reason the Booster plug was invented.

I'd be interested in comparing the Trim table now to the Trim table when it first came off the Dyno. Can you post a copy of the original?
Sorry, I was an idiot, and accidently erased that trim table..... I will look in the flaptop, But I believe it is gone.

I'm thinking that all the Trim values of 10 were set by your tuner and that you have not got enough time in those cells for Autotune to adjust them.

I guess that as my bike cruises at 4500 rpm, at 70 mph, very little fuel is added on the freeway. Other ranges, the onlu answer I can add, is that the fuel additions are inside the BMS-K " margin of operation", as other why, it should not show, and agree with fuel calculations...... I'm stumped, but can only report what I see.

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