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aftermarket wiring? The most likely would be to bypass the stock headlight circuit with heavier gauge wiring (so they are properly fed); if that's the case then the lil' white box would indeed be a relay so the circuit is switched by your key.

You can get owner's manuals from KTM:
(older than 2000 via the dealers)

The shop manual is a purchase item from KTM, but you can also find it via some 3rd party downloads (user beware!).

Originally Posted by psychocandy View Post
Hey all,

So just recently, my high beam stopped working. I thought it had just burnt out since I used the high beam all the time since the light output from the teeny enduro headlight is a bit less than what I'm used to.

But the bulb was fine and I noticed that high beam works when I use the little flasher/passing button on the headlight switch. My fuses look to be good, although there seems to be some creative after market wiring involved. I'm wondering if the flasher bypasses the high beam relay.

I don't have the manual for my bike, or a wiring diagram. Is that little white box behind the headlight with 4 contacts the headlight relay. I know the wiring on these bikes is pretty simple, but it's all kinda packed into the tiny headlight shell and I don't wanna unravel everything and potentially cause more problems.

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