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Originally Posted by terryckdbf
When the ECU utilizes the SAS does it ignore the Lambda signal?

Originally Posted by jscottyk
the F650 twin uses a different version of firmware in it's BMS-K?
I reflashed the BMS-K with a setup developed together with a friend, owner of a 650.
Despite to different camshafts, they are actually the same, thus, because of big O2 exceed red by lambda during SAS operation - I can confirm the readings are validated only during steady states, when SAS is OFF.

Actually I'm fighting with exhaust popping - higher compared to friend's bike.
Reasons could be two:
1. I've Akra installed, while the friend's OEM muffler is hiding more this phenomena
2. 650 have no SAS system, that's why I'm going to try to exclude the system: I firmly believe the popping is due mainly to afterburning of fuel surplus with secondary air.

I've already wired a SAS monitor (just for curiosity, as Roger just said) but it's raining, now...
So far the only thing I can say is that (MY 2008) ECU are not generating any error message with its connector out (and wheels not spinning: nobody knows German fantasy...).

BTW: if you want to lock the cutoff, it's enough to skip the clutch lever microswitch.
Obviously there's an issue with side stand & motor starting in-gear, but you can experiment a trick to eliminate a minor idle-hop cause...
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