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Originally Posted by rickypanecatyl View Post
My earlier point was I thought my KLX"351" made the KLR650 obsolete - not the 690. I threw it out there cuz I couldn't think of any category where the KLR keeps ups with the KLX - reliability, ease of maintenance, how much you can carry, freeway manners etc (not to mention blowing it away off road). Kiffernathan brought up something I was missing - the entry price.

I'm sure you were. The KLX 250's claim to fame is massive room for improvement! I know of no other bike that can be improved as much, as easily, as cheaply and still be reliable. Stock it makes about 1/3 the HP of the 690; for $1500 USD it nearly doubles that power to almost 2/3 in a package probably 3X as reliable and 10X easier to work on as the 690.
Suspension wise I've got custom KX forks reworked to my weight. I would still say the 11 1/2" of the older KLX was on par with my 690E but not even close to the R's suspension. Back on topic to the 690 I don't think there is any comparison to the R and the E's suspension. In my opinion the R is 300% better off road and the E is 15% better on road.
While I fully understand your points, your KLX is no longer a KLX. Modified subframe, different forks, BB kit. The stock klx is a mediocre underwhelming bike. I'm glad there's an aftermarket to save it, if I find a cheap one I might pick it up just for fun. Even comparing it to the KLR is apples to oranges. Different mission, flat and Phillips are both screwdrivers but one won't replace the other without modification or compromise. Compromise is really is what this whole forum is about, no bike is the ideal tool for every job so we pick one that is closest and either fix the faults with $$ or live with them.

Now back to the 690 thread.

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