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Jetting isn't really rocket science. I've had a mental block with regard to carburetors for years, but since all three of my bikes have 'em, I've had no choice but to learn.

I've found that Dynojet's recommendations in their kit are pretty much spot-on. I have a Twin-Air filter and KLX300 pipe/muffler and use a DJ124 main jet, the stock 35 pilot, and the DJ needle in the middle position. AF screw is 2-1/2 turns out. The bike runs like a top and gets good mileage as long as I'm not wringing the piss out of it on the freeway.

I'm not sure what to recommend with the TM33/34, but I would suggest ordering up some main jets and a couple of pilot jets.. have somebody here get 'em and ship 'em if you have to.. they're not expensive. They you can experiment. Yeah, taking the carb on and off to rejet is a pain, but if you spend an afternoon doing it, it'll be well worth it. You can even get the thing off and on the bike with the bike hot; it's not that hard.

A while back I found an online jetting calculator.. I'm trying to find it again, but so far no luck. The thing is, there is very little change over elevation and temperature/humidity. Just get it running good on a given day and it'll probably be just fine... certainly better than you're getting now.

If you need help getting stuff, PM me. I'd be happy to order it and ship it to you if you have Paypal. :)

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