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Originally Posted by RideFreak View Post
It seems to be the earlier ones from what I can tell, but there's been a couple cases of it occurring on some newer ones too, even early enough to have a few fixed by the dlr but no recall. I heard it's a tolerance issue when the crank is pressed together at the factory. Seems that would be easy enough to check prior to assembly. If one is lucky enough, they notice flakes of babbet in the filter which is the thrust washer material. It doesn't take long for them to deteriorate once it starts, then the oil pressure drops. Sometimes this is followed by a big vent hole in the case if being run hard. I wouldn't call it a problem though, there was allot of XRRs sold and by far it's a very reliable motor. Luggin 'em isn't good but lets face it, you can't ride it fast all the time (at least I can't) and as far as I know, the problem isn't related to a type of riding. I think the lugging is hardest on the cam chain.

God damn, that makes me worried. I don't remember checking the side gap on my rod after getting it pressed together. I just remember the shop telling me the number and it being in between the specs, so I took their word for it, and I am pretty sure its good.

The reason I blame lugging on small end failures, and I am sure its bad for the cam chain as well, is because of oil jet that lubes the small end. I assume that at low speeds it has a hard time squirting oil all the way up to the wrist pin. I have no proof, but it was the only thing I could come up with for the failure, besides that it uses a bronze bushing instead of rollers. My motor was not even close to wore out in any other area, just the small end and a hole in the case.
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