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Anyone find any more info on moto 1 coverage?

I have my DVR set up for both of the Fuel TV coverage times just in case it is a moto 1 moto2 showing, but I can NOT find any other coverage on the big channels, on speed, or on NBCSports.....I have scrolled through every hour on all of the channels through next saturday and nothing other than the Fuel coverage....

First race of the year and we can not get any legit coverage. I am pissed! 12 hours of Nascar coverage on Speed today......12- seriously?

I know people LOVE their Nascar but I bet there are alot more people who ride and race MX on a local level than there are who race some friday night stock car race.....thus more people PERSONALLY involved in the sport over yokles who just watch it while drinking Budweisser and eating cheese puffs and deep fried twinkies.
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