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Originally Posted by terryckdbf View Post
Interesting. Everything I have read, over 30 different sites, says the secondary air system must be disabled, blocked, etc. I do not know.

Bottom line Erling, you are just gonna have to break down and get GS-911 for us.

I am admitting defeat Terry. I am sorry I have been such a stubborn individual, and to all that have rolled their eyelids backwards, please accept my apologies. The SAS is in fact alive and well, on the 8GS, of that I am convinced.. That out of the way, I will now focus on how to disable it, in a good workable fashion. After reading all the info, I too believe that it will cause a false reading of the Lambda. The question is though, how much, and how bad. I think we can all agree that for air, or should I say O2 to work enhancing the burned mixture, thus enhancing power, and efficiency of the motor, it has to be combusted. There were a few things in Joel's post that I disagreed with, and without starting a fight, this issue was one of them. Afterburners belong on a jet engine ( of which subject I know quite a bit of) not on bikes. So in order for that extra shot of air to help in the power equation, it simply has to be combusted. It is in fact not, so it is not, when active, confusing the fueling, as it is now a fourth power in the matter. ( KMS-K.....PC-5......AT..... and now the SAS) I believe that as long as the algorithm in the software is in control, you can mesh those pieces ( BMS-K, and SAS) but when you then inject third party boxes, like the DJ PC-5/AT, then you are going to be off. I am quite stumped that DJ has no inclusion on this matter, as it clearly is affected, and they pride them self on being the power king of boxes. So with that out of the way, let's focus on what is happening. Assuming that those two holes are in fact direct paths to the exhaust side on the chamber..... I offer the following assessment. When the SAS system is active, ambient air is sucked into the exhaust system, somewhere just prior to the headers. That is now causing the O2 sensor to read falsely, if we regard to that as " combusted" mix. The O2 sensor in reality simply reads...well..... ehhhh.... O2. no matter where it comes from. But the problem arises when in fact, not all that air ( mix) is combusted. Lets take my case for example. An AFR to be maintained of 13.2 at the measuring point say 3-4 feet aft of the SAS injection.... mathematically the air prior to the SAS would have to be lower AFR, as the SAS injection will raise the AFR. So how much lower..... 13.0.....12.5...... I have no clue. But as non combusted air is worthless in regards to power, or control, I have no use for it, as I have already broken the first part of the EPA chain, bu removing the Charcoal Canister. The aspects to perhaps become aware of is how often, and when the SAS is active. I would like to take a step further, and rather than discover that, simply skip that step, as I have deemed the SAS unnecessary....and perhaps detrimental. So I intend to safe the fuel add tables of the PC-5/AT, zero it out, and plug that line to the SAS. Ride, and discover the change in behavior of the overall handling of the bike, and how the PC-5/AT compensates. Howsthat for a turnaround......

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