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punk sounds like an example of why sometimes it's best to fire a customer.

i expect to pay a fair price for what i receive.
shops have done me many favors that are more valuable than the few bucks i might have milked out of them on discounts (for example, squeezing a quick fix into their sked, or ordering something for me on just a phone call), usually because i've earned 'Friend of Shop' status by not insisting on being first in line in front of others, or by helping a noob find something onthe shelves when the shop staff was swamped. in general, i try to be the kind of customer that i would want.
be a dickbag? expect to be treated/charged like one.

only shop advice i've seen here that hasn't already been mentioned in some of the other good advice might be to see if you can find a way to make space for a couch to go with that coffeemaker (if building a Shop Culture is the sort of thing you want). while the people who spend the most time there might not be the ones spending the most money, they're likely to be the ones who will spread the word about how Cool your shop is.

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Regarding people milking deals, BTDT. We used to have some punk come in with brand new everything (~$75k in/on his truck alone, easily) looking for hand outs all the time. Kid had a real attitude on him as well, he was daddy's (business owner) boy, and what he said went. My bosses had made the mistake of giving him a discount on a big order, and just like you and Aurelius said, he came to expect it. At the time our business was struggling in the recession, and this dick would come into an empty store with an attitude, swinging dad's cash around. When I worked with him he may* have recieved the dickbag price tax I assigned certain buyers. I'll have to check into that though? Happy to say 99% of the people I've worked with are good, honest people who expect to pay a little more for quality and service.
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