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Originally Posted by Wind_Rider View Post
Do motorcycles really need all of those fancy progressive linkages and spring rates?

Yes, they are wonderful.

Motorcyclist Magazine has a staff review of a 2013 Zero S here:

Great reading for anyone considering a Zero or other electric motorcycle.

I have to agree with Editor in Chief Marc Cook's observations of the Zero's suspension who I quote below:

"Suspension compliance remains the last frontier of refinement for Zero. What’s there is taut but seems unsophisticated."

Well said and accurate for my bike as well. My DS has more travel than the S model in the review, and it will drink up the bigger hits but it seems not up to par with other modern motorcycles in terms of progressive response and compliance from the smaller stuff.

Another good quote from Marc Cook in the article: ""Electric propulsion is intoxicating." - Editor-in-Chief, Mark Cook"

That is very true and I am also finding electric propulsion to be addicting.

100% torque at 1 RPM, that rocks!
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