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Originally Posted by mustangwagz View Post
sup guys, well i got curious about my popping on decel that bike has had since i got it..figured i'd invstigate. Grabbed my parts carb and found a 140 main, and a 37.5 pilot. ALso found an adjustable Needle (6 position) I pulled plug and looked at it just to see what it indicated LEAN!! pretty white actually. thats not cool. SO...anyone got suggestions on what to do here? its all stock as far as i can tell. has the single hole in air box top, factory exhaust. I was only curious. i hate to start monkeying with it, cuz it runs great, but hey...i dont wanna burn the top off it either! of those sick feelings in my stomach now! Looks like ill have to get ahold of Mr Bender for a Carb kit too! haha.
Lean popping on decel COULD simply be that your exhaust is too open or has a leak somewhere. My DR does it when the spark arrestor is out but not when it is in. I know what the issue is in the case of mine - I need to go up one size on the pilot jet. Yours may well be the same. Try a 40.
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