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Originally Posted by Gaspare View Post

I reflashed the BMS-K with a setup developed together with a friend, owner of a 650.
Despite to different camshafts, they are actually the same, thus, because of big O2 exceed red by lambda during SAS operation - I can confirm the readings are validated only during steady states, when SAS is OFF.

Actually I'm fighting with exhaust popping - higher compared to friend's bike.
Reasons could be two:
1. I've Akra installed, while the friend's OEM muffler is hiding more this phenomena
2. 650 have no SAS system, that's why I'm going to try to exclude the system: I firmly believe the popping is due mainly to afterburning of fuel surplus with secondary air.

I've already wired a SAS monitor (just for curiosity, as Roger just said) but it's raining, now...
So far the only thing I can say is that (MY 2008) ECU are not generating any error message with its connector out (and wheels not spinning: nobody knows German fantasy...).

BTW: if you want to lock the cutoff, it's enough to skip the clutch lever microswitch.
Obviously there's an issue with side stand & motor starting in-gear, but you can experiment a trick to eliminate a minor idle-hop cause...
Are you saying the ignition advance and curve is the same for a 650gs and a F800gs?

I have been under the ASSumption that is not true. One reason is that one bike needs premium and the other runs regular. They both have the same CR and I do understand dynamic vs static compression ratio's.

To add some credence to that, several months ago a poster added the F800cams to his F650. Initially he reported it started fine and further testing was required. His last post was the bike needs the F800gs ECU without further explanation or posts.
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