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Originally Posted by rudk View Post
14/48 ??? That's very short. Do you ever ride on the street?

I've run 14/48 on the street many times, even a few 300 mile days of 70/30 on/offroad and the 690 never complained even at speeds above the posted limit. I don't notice any difference in fuel economy, it just buzzes a bit more on the highway. I currently have 16/48 on the bike (same as stock 15/45) and really never see the need to gear taller as I am limited by how fast my riding partners are comfortable cruising (te250, drz400, te630.)

For strictly offroad use I would prefer a bit lower still and I think 14/50 will finally give the 690 a useful first gear in the tight stuff. I wouldn't want to cover any great distance with that gearing, but we do regularly truck our bikes to "the good stuff." I would have just run a 13 up front except that it forces the chain into the chain slider and would likely wear through in a day.
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