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Originally Posted by rbrsddn View Post
Just got home from a difficult, Rule#5 ride. 55.8 miles, 3:32, 3319 feet^, 15.9 average. I am shot, and making a big sandwich! I hope everyone had a safe, asshole free ride...
2:45 of safe-ish riding that included at least 3 s that I can remember. Mostly passing into oncoming traffic.

I looked at the weather maps for around here (DC Area) and saw a big ole open space in the rain clouds so I decided to go for it. Applying rule #5 like rbrsddn, I didn't even put on the fenders. After all, its gonna dry out, right?!

Not so fast, Private!

While it didn't rain on me but for a little bit, the roads were anything but dry. Finally put on the rain jacket (Xenon w/ half sleeves rawks!) at about the 1:15 mark. Then I got too sweaty to take it back off. Thank doG for wool!

So I got back and everything I was wearing was either soaked with water or soaked in sweat. ...but I was perfectly comfortable! Like I said: wook rawks!

My legs are toast (again.) Its been a long week. Easy tomorrow, off on Mon and it starts over.

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