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Originally Posted by Rayzor61 View Post bout I buy the stada and trade the black body parts with a terra!

When I make the purchase, either one, should I demand that they prove it has the latest map? How can I get them to prove its on there? I dont believe it was on the demo because the first quarter throttle was choked up....
Concerning plastics, just order you an extra set. They run from $40-$60 normally. Most people are after the black plastics, so you could probably find more than a few Terra owners to trade with if you choose that route.

Concerning the Moss flash, make sure your dealer actually has the Moss system first. Some dealers have sent them back from what I'm hearing.

You'll know the difference in the throttle response. My throttle does not stumble at idle, period. Those without the flash report a lot of stumbling when cracking the throttle from idle.
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