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Rohrich, thanks much, got the kickstarter in and it's working now. I had the washer/circlip in the wrong order.

Now the new issue is I have the engine all back together and cases installed, motor is in the frame but when I shift there is no neutral!!! I can hear the clicks when I move from the different gears but no matter what I can not find a neutral.. also when it is any gear and I pull in the clutch all the way it will only roll for a few inches then the rear tire locks up like it is catching.

I have the adjustment nut all the way tight (nut is at the last few threads). The clutch lever feels normal, I mean I pull it in and it rotates the piece on the engine to the right point, and when I let go the lever comes back normally.. What is wrong?

edit: glad I enjoy learning and working on bikes.. so i watched youtube videos of how a clutch works and it appears as you pull the clutch lever the clutch pressure plate (big part the clutch springs press on) is suppose to squeeze outward.. well I took the clutch cover off the engine to see if it was at all moving.. simply no it is not. I pulled out a diagram via and noticed that part #14 on mine is slightly bent so going to order this, also I was completely missing the very end nut/washer (part 6 & 7) so looked in my bin organizer I was using when I started the project and found those.

Question I have is, looking down the center of the axle that the entire clutch lays on, I see how part 14 fits in, but what is actually pushing the clutch pressure plate out? I remember the very long pushrod (part #26) during when I had the engine case split but forget actually where. I'd rather not split the case again but assuming when you pull the clutch that rod is suppose to extend out..

edit #2.. OK think I got it now lol

I placed a smal screw driver down the main axle and twisted the clutch actuator and could fell the pushrod in there move about 3mm or so.. the short pushrod (#14) and ball have seemed to seize together which does not help it's function. Also you can see how the threaded part on the rod is bent.. will be ordering these pieces.

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