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I spent the time to hard-mount my Laminar wind screen two days ago. it was, up til then, moutned with the velcro tabs. They worked well for holding it on, but short-changed the design in a number of ways that didn't seem to work for the soft-fairing of the DR650SE.

I am not so sure the DR650's soft plastic fairing is up to it, but so far I have much less flexing going on at speed, and a noticeable wind-blocking effect that the Laminar should have had all along. (What I mean is that the widscreen may get pushed on more, now, but then again it may not now that I have the laminar airflow working and a lot less vacuum behind it.)

I spaced out the Laminar windscreen to allow the 'hole' to suck in air so that not as much of a vacuum would happen behind it. This is the way it was designed to be used, but at least on my application on the DR650 it wasn't really working - the hole was both too close to the stock fairing, and the windscreen would flatten out at speed making the hole close up.

So this is what I came up with. Interestingly enough, and for future reference to all of us guys who 'fix' things, some really perfectly sized rubber washers/spacers are 1955 Chevy Bel Air motor mounts... and from NAPA auto parts they are far, far cheaper than any smaller spacer I had looked at between there and two hardware stores. (The NAPA guy, who had worked at NAPA stores for decades, used the same motor mounts / rubber washers to space out and isolate his air conditioning unit from a roof of one of his houses, and has suggested them for other "spacing" projects others have needed throughout the years.)

I don't know whose theory works out better for windshields - that they should have a hole in them to allow air in that will get sped up by the suction and form an area of less turbulance, or that windscreens shouldn't have an air gap (as many of the home-made and the more race-oriented ones do) and, instead, they should be able to not bend back due to the low pressure behind them, thus being a total air block. But apparently my Laminar was made to have the air gap, and without it being accounted for - and without upper braces to hold the wind screen up (which Laminar winshields do not come with) - the windshield just flexes backward.

I haven't tested this set-up at 80 MPH or more yet, but up to 60 it is far more stable, and I can feel the breeze turbulance behind it on my chest without feeling the full wind-blast on the chest.
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