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Ok so clearly I cursed myself....took a couple rides and all was well, then the other day I go out and it stalls, then stalls it won't idle for more than a minute without stalling and is running rough and surging.

I leave for Moab Friday...well if the bike runs. Here is what I have done so far:

-New battery, original was close to going, figured this might be an easy fix of low voltage, no such luck still not running right.
-Did TPS calibration (key on throttle up then down and off)
-Checked electrical connections to fuel pump, no issues I could find
-Pulled pump, filter isn't black but isn't clean either even with only 1700 miles so I will be replacing this as well with the Napa version
-Ordered CA cycleworks pump to install as a last ditch effort

It has an FMF can on it, thinking of trying the stock one again to see if it makes any difference. Other than that I am at my wits end and if I can't get this worked out I will have to cancel the trip

Anyone local have any expertise in fixing these 690 stalling issues or installing the CA Cycleworks pump? Anyone that can check for codes or upload maps? More than willing to pay in good beer...
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