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Backflush the injector?

Pull the injector out (keeping fuel line and electrical attached) turn the ignition on and press the starter. It should spray an extremely fine mist of fuel in a cone pattern. If it does not do so, or it drips instead of sprays, (assuming you could feel the fuel line pressurize before hitting the starter) completely remove the injector and backflush it. The easiest way to do this (or at least how I have done it as instructed by a KTM mechanic) is to use compressed air. About 90psi through the nozzle will cause the injector to open and blast out any gunk that may have accumulated in the injector, back the way it came from instead of forcing it through the nozzle.

I use a small piece of fuel line (you can fill this short section of fuel line with carb cleaner if you like) attached to the nozzle with a hose clamp and the other end of the hose attached to my blow gun. If you put a paper towel on the inlet side of the injector while doing this it will catch any debris that comes out so you can inspect it. After doing this, reattach the fuel line and electrical and double check for a good spray pattern, if it is still not perfect just repeat the flushing process until all is well.

This has made my bike go from unrideable and unable to idle for more than 15 seconds, to running perfectly normal. All you have to do to access the injector is remove the seat and the airbox, so it is really easy and definitely worth a try.
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