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I have Verizon FIOS and there is NO Fuel HD available. I got the first moto set up to record. I checked it last night, red check on the Fuel TV channel 198 from 1-3pm PST. I get home from lunch with my mother in law and wife at 2pm to notice there is NO red light on the DVR {indicates recording}. I turn on the TV and it is mid show, after 450 moto 1 before 250 moto 1 and it has the red dot on the channel info but it is NOT recording and NOT in my DVR schedule and not being recorded....WTF.

I was at a Glen Helen race in the 90s that was reported to have had 100,000 people at it....that is more than a friggin football game and we can not get 4 hours a week of race coverage!!!!

Wake the F up TV.

I can watch Honey BooBoo BS tv 24/7, hillbilly tow truck drivers, alligator hunting, home shopping, shopping for a home, house decorating, couple hundred hours of Nascar per week, 50 hours of freaking GOLF, yes GOLF-old men walking in UGLY pants golf, and INFINITE number of MLB hours but I gotta search and record the MX nats at midnight on mon/tues....

TV if F'ed up.
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