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Originally Posted by ER70S-2 View Post
No. How do I know? I spent all summer chasing a stumble at idle. I had the o-ring between the spring and washer. It's spring, washer, o-ring. Think about that o-ring getting chewed up by the end of the spring.

Oh sorry, I should have put them in order. My point was Tuckers did not mention a WASHER in his post. I'm not sure of the order, just wanted to list what is in there.

When I did mine I just copied the OEM set up after pulling out stock fuel screw, re-installed extended fuel screw, putting spring, washer and O ring in the order they came out in.

I think you've got it right ... the O ring is first, then the washer, which holds it evenly in place, then the Spring to act as a sort of detent for the screw so that your adjustment stays put. Is that right?
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