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Originally Posted by TUCKERS View Post
Got it!
We have two DR's. I am doing most every mod twice. Prepping them for long distance good road surface travel. Tierra Del Fuego is the dream!

Flipped both to Factory lowered
Done both air filters/fuel screws
Two Acerbis tanks (2 taps)
Two mid pipes/2 GSXR 750 cans
Two front sprocket retainer
Two 16T fronts
Two neutral safety switch mod
Two sets side case protectors
Dozens of Stainless Socket head Allens
Two shortened side stands

Looking for recommendations on skid plates

Still not decided on luggage. Have left over TT top boxes but no sides yet.

Also thinking about Dash Boards. May move the IGN, idiot lights and remove Speedo and use GPS. Can barely see the idiot lights and IGN is a pain to use with gloves on.
You'll be an expert in No Time. Congrats on proving again it's hard to screw up the DR650 ... its most always a simple fix!

Awesome on your prep. Good to do long shake down ride, testing out all the gear and see how the bikes do. In a week or two on the road you'll learn LOTS about what you two like and don't. Then you can come home and spend even MORE MONEY! Be very careful if you re-do dash and electrics. Should be Pro done or very close ... and make sure YOU can diagnose and fix it on the side of the road ... in Bolivia, at night ... in the rain!

Keep in mind a South America trip will be mostly paved roads. At least 60%, unless you really go out of your way to seek out dirt routes. If you wanted to you could probably do 90% paved roads ... but you'd be skipping some cool sections ... like North Eastern Peru' and the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the Death Road, to mention just a few.

If doing some off road (mostly easy dirt roads) then I'd go with Soft Luggage. Much lighter weight. Limits what you can carry. (a good thing)

I've been prepping for a little Grand Canyon ride next week. I'm sure as soon as I mention this something will screw up ... then you guys can laugh at me. Here is my set up with "new to me" Nelson-Rigg bags and duffel bag on top for camping equip.
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