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Originally Posted by GSF1200S View Post
Somehow, perhaps being cynical, I feel the only reason you asked was to point out implicitly that I'm going cross country on a DR, or to imply I'm all talk if I wasn't going. Sorry if that's too cynical, but I'm used to being attacked on what I feel is a fanboy excuse thread instead of a "Suzuki fix your shit you cheap bastards" thread.
I feel you've overreacted to the 3rd gear issue ... but you're not alone. You can believe what you want ... free country. But just don't forget the FACTS and the HISTORY.

I don't care what reactionary imaginings you chose to believe ...

but I do care about you ... and wish you a Safe and Fun trip. I hate it when fellow riders get hurt ... or worse. Getting out there doing cross country is an awesome challenge ....Big Kudos! ... and we don't need no stinkin' ride report to give you big ups for getting out there and doin' it.

BTW, I've never done a Ride Report on ADV Rider Even though I'm a professional moto writer ... and get paid for every article I've ever written .. for 20 years. ADV doesn't pay much ... so why bother? You're right, AK has been covered 9 ways to Sunday. Hard to top the hundreds of well written, innovative reports already here.

What will you do when your DR650 gets past 50,000 miles and ... still ... that pesky gear box hasn't bombed out?
You could always toss a few nuts and bolts into the oil to be "right" ... and make your premonition come true. Boy, now that would really convince Suzuki to step up and fix the problem!

Rubber Side Down! ... and may the Gear Box Gremlins stay in Australia!
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