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I've been able to put a couple days and a few hundred miles into a pair. My thoughts:

They are very comfortable to put on. I like the denim material and the liner, and the armor is not obtrusive at all. You generally don't know its there with one exception (below).

They do need additional belt loops. Without enough loops you're tugging on areas of your pants between the loops whenever you're walking. The issue is made worse by the weight of the pants. Between the linings and armor, and too-few loops, I felt like I had to walk around literally holding my pants up. I'm thinking of suspenders, but that sorta defeats the whole "blend in" theory of denim.

After a couple 6 or 7 hour days my left knee is rubbed pretty raw on the armor pocket. To be fair, I'm breaking in a pair of quality elkskin gloves right now too and I have raw spots on my hands, so it may just be break-in. But for me at least the left knee armor pocket is causing some irritation on my knee.

The sizing is true. If anything the waist is a little big, but they have not been washed so I expect them to shrink up a bit.

I can compare to Aerostich's non-Kevlar riding jeans. These have a more comfortable material, and the armor is much less obtrusive (plus these have hip pads where Aerostich does not). These are physically heavier jeans, meaning when you walk around these always are kinda wanting to end up around your ankles. A couple more belt loops may help, but I may use suspenders. These are enough more comfortable that I'd be willing to wear suspenders just to make it easier off the bike.

I like them, and with a couple little modifications I'd buy them again.
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