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It was my wife Colleen who phoned our local friend and fellow DR rider Milano Bambino and he had me pull the fuel screw first, good call.

Colleen and James are both experienced BMW R Boxer GS riders with a combined 360,000 miles. We carry a lot of crap and camp.

On the DR's we are going to have to go with a lot less! We will make a few Baja shake down trips and see how we do.

Colleen is NOT a happy off roader. She gave it her best shot with our now sold Yamaha TW200's...and she did quite well...but as she says...."it doesn't make me smile"

That's what it's all about for us, miles and smiles. So we will seek out the best surface roads and do what we have to do to keep smiling through it.

I love the DR650. I've taken it on our local mountain ride and it is no slower on that run than the BMW R1200GS. The road holding is superb and the power not too shabby. I have a 16T front sprocket so have to keep it on the sure does like to run.

What does the collective here say about skid plates? I want good ones.

The dash wiring will be fun for me, I love that stuff. I will simplify it and understand it so I will know what's up.

I have a low Corbin seat on the 2009 and we shaved the OEM seat on the 2007. We haven't decided yet who is going to have what bike. They are basically the same and both low miles.

I have been riding and loving the 2009 as it has had more of the mods finished, but now the 2007 is up to par.
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