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A little word about the mighty DR. I now own a V Strom 650 along with my DR650, and it's been a back and forth thing on which gets ridden more. It's usually the Strom to be honest, mostly when I'm going somewhere just on-road.

Well, we headed for Moab last week, and of course I took the DR. One day we made a long morning ride, and in the afternoon the girls headed for the lake and my buddy and I ran a fairly difficult trail with many creek crossings, rocky obstacles, sand bottoms, etc. The only other bikes we saw on this trail were 250's with real suspension, and here we are on big tanker 650's with some luggage. I have a 16 tooth front sprocket on mine as well.

So we get through this trail, which took 2 or 3 hours, and the big bike does it just fine. Never dropped it once. But once we got up out of the canyon, and I got back on the highway for the ride back to town, I settled in rolling 70 or so, just smiling ear to ear, realizing this bike in one ride has proven to me that it will do god damn near anything and do it pretty darn well.

When I first bought my DR, I figured this was the bike to have thinking I'd only have one bike. Even though I now have more, I was right. It's the best "one bike" bike, at least for me.
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I would rather be on my motorcycle thinking about God than in church thinking about my motorcycle.
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