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Hey XT600 people! I'm looking at this lovely bike and have a pretty good deal on it if I want it.

The owner says it has an oil leak. I emailed and asked him to explain it to me more, and he said:
"It leaks where the line comes out of it, Ir needs a new tank, we have tried sealing up the line. You would need to check the oil before you ride it, the oil doesn't poor out of it just a slight leak."

Otherwise, he says it's in good shape besides the obvious seat cover issue and a rear tire that needs replacing.

If you had to guess, how big a deal will this oil problem be to fix? Will it be something I can do on my own?

I'm not looking for a project bike. I'm a fairly new rider looking for a fun bike to take up dirt roads and take camping. At his sub $1K price, I'll have more money to buy riding gear and such. Am I living in a fantasy world?
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