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Originally Posted by Perspicacious View Post
EVERYBODY complains about the twitchy throttle on the F800GS.

My Land Rover Defender (2010 2.4L turbo diesel Ford engine (Puma)) features a fly-by-wire electronic accelerator peddle. When you switch the transfer case over to low range, the electronics that govern the accelerator are designed to make the accelerator much LESS responsive, especially to short sharp accelerator movements. That way, when you go over a big bump (as happens when driving in terrain demanding low range) and your foot moves up or down, the vehicle does not surge. The Mitsubishi Pajero I owned before the Defender did this too. You can see where I am going with this...

The F800GS has a fly-by-wire throttle. What is to stop BMW (or some after-market electronic engineer) giving me a switch on my handle-bar that I can flick to make my throttle less responsive? I've seen a few suggested solutions to the twitchy throttle over the years, but I have never seen this suggested (which might be a reflection on me more than anything).
I'm with you mate. I hate the throttle, you go over a rock and power on whether you wanted to or not so for me it makes riding slow, a pain in the arse.
I'm fitting one of those remapping things from USA ASAP.
By the way I also have a 09 Defender 110 ute here in Australia.
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