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Originally Posted by Airguitar View Post
whatever it is it's going to mean more open surgery
Ok so I disassembled the top end last night in a fit of activity and rage. Piston has some marks on the skirts but I'm not sure if it's just the start of it breaking in. More worryingly is the large black mark across the top... is that unburnt fuel?

The rockers and cam were covered in oil, but seem to have some marks on the faces and lobes? This should be fine right, seeing as i just replaced all rockers and the cam!

The eventual plan is to re-split the cases and check the bearings, while also getting the crank checked by a professional. I definitely heard a knocking noise, and the marks are similar to bennos so the big end might need to be replaced. I just hope I can still use this cylinder and piston. Remember I only rode a couple of km.

If not it will probably be game over, just too much money to invest.

Either way, I still can't do anything for the next few weeks as I have to finish and submit my thesis. One of the reasons I was trying to get the bike all back together was so I could ride with my Dad in the week after I finish uni, but before I start work. Just unlucky and shitty the way it's turned out.



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