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Originally Posted by Sadlsor View Post
SpeedsStar - I don't have the part in front of me now; I'm at work. But the gasket was no different from the original, and in fact, the replacement generator case / cover had the same part number as the original. Hmmm...

I compared part numbers from the pieces in my replacement kit with those in the Spare Parts Manual for my 2005 -S, and going from memory, they are the same.

That said, this is my 2nd gasket re-install (first replaced the stator, re-used original gasket), and this time I did replace the gasket with the new one that came in the box when I replaced my torque limiter.

I didn't experience any leaks after the first time, but it was tricky getting the gasket to stay in place. I mangled it a little bit, but apparently not enough to count.

This time I used a hillbilly trick that helped with the gasket. Pics shortly...

When I did my conversion I looked at the generator covers and thought "hell why did they send a new cover? These things look just alike!". So smart me re-used the old cover and guess what? It bound up the works and locked up the motor until I put the new cover on. I have not done a detailed measurement to see just what the differences are but I can tell you that there is a good reason to use the new case.
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