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This past summer my budget dictated that I would be shopping for another set of cheap, affordable rubber for my 2009 KLR 650. I ordered them from Motorcycle Superstore. I think the shipping was free.

I ran them over 3,000 miles into the fall. I must say, they are wearing evenly, no cupping, cracking or chunking. They are confident on pavement, they are great on tar snakes and re-assuring in the rain. Like the stock Dunlop's that came on my KLR, I think these are a softer rubber compound, but if that means a great ride, quite tire experience that is safe, affordable and not scary in all conditions, than its a top choice for me, especially based on price, and these are typically available. I don't want to hear about tires like the Continentals that are never available and on back order my whole riding season. If money was no object, I would run Avon Gripsters. But on my current budget, I can get a pair of Shinko's for considerably less than just the back in a Gripster.

They are considered from one source as being a 75-25 tire, which fits my riding style perfectly. About 25% gravel riding is my limit (seldom go very far off road alone) with the 540 pound weight of my bike trip-rigged. I do keep my tires aired down from what they say to run them at. Working great thus far with heavy loads!

Probably going to be a 4,000 mile tire. Thanks for reading. Just one ole rider's humble opinion. I have run 4 different tire brands and must say these are quite reliable with no quirks for the money for my riding style and bike weight.

Rear $57.99
130 X 80 X17

Front $49.00
90 X 90 X21

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