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Originally Posted by jayareus View Post
Thanks for all the help so far guys!

I guess my hesitation is that I've heard bad things about carbs starting in cold weather vs. fuel injected bikes, but I'm not sure how big a deal this is. I'm looking at an 09 model on craigslist and the guy says he hasn't done the doohicky and hasn't noticed anything weird with the oil yet at 700 miles; I know there's doo guides around, but is there an easy fix if the oil thing becomes a problem? Or do I just need to constantly refill it?

I've started my 05 in the lower 20's after sitting a few weeks with no problem. Full choke and hit the button. A friend has a 2012 and studded his tires last winter, drove it to work daily. Temps below 20 and 8" of snow some mornings.

I wouldn't worry about oil burning. Super easy to check oil, and I doubt you'll have a problem. If you do its kind of a project, but there are tons of resources online. There are many klrs with a lot of miles and no problem there. They do use a little bit of oil. Maybe every 1000 miles I go through 1/4th a quart.

I did the doo on mine. There are ways to get help with it, either here or elsewhere. The 08+ has a stronger doo, so its not quite as important.

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