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Originally Posted by Rayzor61 View Post
Okay, Im ready to shoot!

What one should I get?

Stada Out the door $6500
Terra Out the door $6700

I'm torn........because I will probably do mostly Street riding but want to be able to go off the road without problems.....
US differences...

Strada has:

- 17/19 Alloy Wheels
- Low Front Fender
- Black Plastics

Terra has:

- 17/21 Spoke Wheels
- High Fender
- Red Plastics
- Spark arrestor in mufflers

The forks and shocks are different between the bikes, the assumption is tuned a bit more toward dirt (Terra) and street (Strada)

Adding ABS to a Terra would be very expensive if it's possible.
Adding spoke wheels to a Strada is about $1k
You can put the hgh fender on a Strada for about $50
Colored plastics swap for about $100

They key deciding points are ABS and wheels. There's a lot of threads about pros and cons of alloys vs spokes, and there's a lot of threads on ABS.

It really comes down to what you want to do. Want a good selection of off road tires and spoked wheels, by a Terra. Want a good selection of tubless road tires, and the option for more agressive 50/50 tubless tires like TKC-80s or Heidanau K60s, get a Strada. Want ABS, get a Strada.

I wanted ABS and Tubeless tires. I've got 4500 miles on my Strada, probably 1000 of that on gravel. It does exactly what I want.

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